Peru (2020)

a. What were your goals for the course in Peru? To what extent did you realise these goals? My goals were quite specific: gain experience in planning, collecting and curating trait and ecosystem function data and; meet other like-minded scientists in the field of trait ecology to build an international […]

PFTC blog post

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Navarro. I am from California and recently graduated from Connecticut College. I will be starting my PhD at the University of Arizona in Brian Enquist’s lab. Participating in Plant Functional Trait Course 5 surpassed my exceptions. Before attending the course, I sadly had to take […]


I’m so happy for having had the opportunity of participating in the PFTC5. It was very interesting to learn about traits and how to measure them. The course combined different ways of doing science, as taking online lectures, discussing papers, giving oral presentations, writing proposals and analyzing data. Discovering Wayqecha […]

Post course Blog