PFTC5 post-course blog post

What were your goals for the course and did you realise them?

I definitely realised some of my goals. I connected and collaborated with researchers from around the world, and felt inspired by their work and the possibilities of working together. The process of measuring functional traits was demystified for me and I really enjoyed working with traits both in the field and in the lab afterwards. Covid 19 and my early departure from the course affected my ability to realise my goal of becoming more confident with data analysis, as I find learning in person immeasurably more accessible than online lectures.




What did you learn about yourself during the course?

This is a good question! I think I have learnt that I dislike appearing weak or being ill in front of others – having altitude sickness was weirdly embarrassing for me despite everyone being super supportive and kind. I loved the sociability of this science and having the opportunity to work with other researchers in the field. And finally I learnt that I LOVE working to ‘80s classics. Wow. What a take home.

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