Post course blog PFTC5

This PFTC5 course was a wonderful experience at strange times. Thanks a bunch to all who were involved! I am super happy to have met everybody and made new friends. My primary goals coming into this course were to improve my knowledge about remote sensing and meet new people and get involved in future collaborative research. I would like to say that I am very happy with how those goals have been fulfilled. But one of these was unfortunately unfulfilled, we had some issues will the right running of the equipment. I feel that we all made good friendships that will continue, the COVID gave many of us the opportunity of life together for a long time, learning how a group can manage stressful situations and found the way to accomplish our objectives.

During the quarantine time, I had the opportunity to give a small workshop about R programming, was a nice experience trying to share what I know. I learned that I am resilient and I can keep going even when the situation is difficult.

Thank everyone for this amazing experience

About Paul Efren

Hi! I' m Paul, a plant ecologist focusing on plant response to climate change and data enthusiast.I graduated in Biology at the University of San Antonio Abad at Cusco, Peru.

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