BIO299 vår 2020

Heisann!   Mitt navn er Øystein Wallevik og er på tidspunktet dette innlegget skrives 3 års biologistudent ved Universitetet i Bergen. Før dette semesteret var jeg litt sent ute med å bestemme meg for hvilke fag jeg skulle kaste meg over, og var derfor litt sent ute med å ordne […]

En planteverden i endring!

Blog post 3/4 Last week I participated in my first ever poster session. As I’m a person who loves arts and crafts in addition to science, I was especially intrigued by the idea of using poster as a way to communicate scientific ideas and statements. It may seem as an […]

My first poster session

Blog post 2/4 I have now spent 100 hours working on the project, and I must admit that its been frustrating at times. In February, around the same time as the seminar, proved to be particularly challenging. The hours spent cursing at PubMed’s finicky MESH-terms , gradually turned more light-hearted. […]

Finally figuring out stuff :)

Blog post 1/4 My name is Nele, and I’m a third year student of bachelor in biology. This semester, I’m taking the course “Research Practice in Biology (BIO299). The dCod 1.0 research project: Decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod is an interdisciplinary collaboration between environmental toxicologists, biologists, mathematicians and […]

Ready for my BIO299 project!