Hello! from Agustina

a. What is your background? Where are you from? What do you study? What are you most interested in, scientifically?
I was born in Cordoba city, in Argentina and then moved to Mendoza, where I have lived most of my life. I have also lived in United States, Nepal and most recently in Australia where I conducted my PhD. in alpine ecology. My research focus on the influence of climate and human use on vegetation, focusing mainly in mountain vegetation in the Arid Andes of Mendoza. I am interested in knowing shifts in species distribution, mountain plant invasions and its effects on ecosystem services and native plant communities, and how hydroclimate changes and land use affects riparian vegetation.

b. What are your goals for the upcoming course in Peru? How will you know if you’ve met these goals?
My main aim of the course is to advance on the current knowledge I have about trait based ecology as well as learn about new methods to apply on my research in the Andes of Argentina. I am particularly excited to learn more about the applicability of UAVs in studies in plant ecology, as it allow us to expand the scale of the current studies we are conducting.

c. What are you most excited about, with respect to the upcoming course and trip?
I am excited about learning new technologies, theories, interacting with top lead researchers in TBE and students. I am also excited to go back to Peru and learn about mountain grasslands and their ecology.

d. What do you anticipate people will think about climate change in Peru? Do you think most people will accept that the planet is warming, and that this is largely being caused by human activities? Or will this topic be controversial?
I think the topic could be controversial, specially for older generations which are often more skeptical about human caused changes on climate. I would expect that younger people will accept this fact as well as people that have University and tertiary degrees.

e. What do you know about public perceptions of climate change in your home country? What, if anything, have you experienced related to public perceptions of climate change?
They are contrasted opinions about climate change in my country, but I can say that at the national level there are currently policies to mitigate the effects of climate change, including incentives for public transportation and bicycle riding, clean technologies, and more control on industry emissions. Young people are motivating older generations to do substantial changes, in terms of water consumption, transportation and energy.

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