My first poster session

Blog post 3/4

Last week I participated in my first ever poster session. As I’m a person who loves arts and crafts in
addition to science, I was especially intrigued by the idea of using poster as a way to communicate
scientific ideas and statements. It may seem as an easy task creating a poster, but I can assure you
that’s not necessarily true. It forces you to pin-point the exact essence of your project, in addition to
the importance of design. Approximately 20 hours went into mine, mostly refining the poster,
contemplating the text in both placement and the amount of info, fixing the figures, and so on. Just
adjusting the spacing between each word took over an hour! The guidance and advice from my
supervisors were highly appreciated, and the feedback proved very helpful. The poster was finished,
now presenting this massive amount of info in a calm but effective manner in literally a minute, was
the next challenge. I was so tense and nervous, but I made it through.
Working on this part of the project taught me a lot and will be especially valuable when finishing my
rapport. Designing my poster pushed me to refine every corner of my statements and data, and
giving a clear vision for what form I want it to take. The poster may even serve as a template, like the
flowchart I created.


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