Finally figuring out stuff :)

Blog post 2/4
I have now spent 100 hours working on the project, and I must admit that its been frustrating at
times. In February, around the same time as the seminar, proved to be particularly challenging. The
hours spent cursing at PubMed’s finicky MESH-terms , gradually turned more light-hearted. What
started as mostly trial and error, slowly formed into a plan of attack with careful strategizing. It took
a toll on my patience, but it’s starting to pay off. Now I can juggle and combine searches, narrowing
and specialize the terms to my specific need. The result, instant gratification and a sense of mastery. I
can now see the product of my work slowly forming in front of me, the challenges and quarrels with
electronic tools finally bear fruit. I know still have a lot of work ahead before I’ve actually created an
archive, and that it requires a lot of refinement work before I’m finished. I’m now well on my way.

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