Finished the bibliome

Blog post 4/4
I did it; I managed to create an archive. This week I will deliver the final rapport of my project. It has
been 200, very educating hours. It feels good to finally be finished and go on to exam preparations in
my other courses. The archive is nearly complete, and I have collected thousands of references. Now,
I hope it is useful full for the project. The last two weeks I’ve been busy finishing searches in the last
databases, collect the metadata and refining the archive. Huge thanks to my supervisors, who during
all this time and especially during corona always were available and ready to help me with anything.
Other huge thanks to Hege Folkestad from the MTANAT libary. She has helped me to untangle the
most annoying technical problems, explaining how databases and searches work.

(Heges door is always open and happy to help. Here is her contact information )

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