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On July 28th I returned to America after attending the Plant Functional Trait Course in Svalbard with a plethora of unexpected but appreciated information. For instance, I learned that many Norwegians find me ever-excited and hyper-outgoing, but most importantly, a fellow student informed me that I am a “handsome” lady—a […]

PFTC4 wrap up

The course is now over, and I have had two weeks to digest what an experience it was. Or more precisely, I would have had the time to digest it unless we had our own field work campaign at Svalbard right after the course. So here I am still. Looking […]

#PFTC4 – the resolution

My primary stated goal in attending the course on Svalbard was to learn to fly a drone. Mission accomplished! Then failed (see pictures)! Then accomplished again! We collected a ton of really fun data by flying these drones and photographing the sites our excellent plant researchers had their noses in. […]

Mission accomplished! Then failed (see pictures)!

  Realizing goals We are still here – no worries, not in Pyramiden! Me and Pekka stayed here for an additional 17 days to conduct field research related to our earlier work. I am happy to say that so far, we have implemented few new things we learned during the […]

Still here

After being introduced to traits based ecology earlier this year, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how plant functional traits links to larger ecosystem processes, such as carbon exchange between atmosphere, plants and soil. This is the reason why I participated in the carbon flux group. I learned […]

Lovely Arctic

After being back south (never thought I’d refer to mainland Norway as being south) for almost a week it is time to reflect on the two-week adventure that was Plant Functional Trait Course 4. It has truly been a unique experience to do field work and learn about different approaches […]

Arctic input

Hei! After two weeks on Svalbard, I’m still digesting everything that I learned and experienced. I had a fantastic time such that it was really difficult to say goodbye to everyone (and our cozy dinners). It was wonderful to be around other plant oriented people and learn not only about […]

Arctic takeaways

Before arriving at the North Pole my main expectations about the PFTC4 were to expand my theoretical and analytical knowledge in functional plant ecology,and to experience the Arctic by conducting fieldwork activities. Those goals were indeed achieved along the course. Firstly, by attending interesting lectures, specially Aud’s talk about data […]

Experiencing the North Pole