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On July 28th I returned to America after attending the Plant Functional Trait Course in Svalbard with a plethora of unexpected but appreciated information. For instance, I learned that many Norwegians find me ever-excited and hyper-outgoing, but most importantly, a fellow student informed me that I am a “handsome” lady—a […]

PFTC4 wrap up

The course is now over, and I have had two weeks to digest what an experience it was. Or more precisely, I would have had the time to digest it unless we had our own field work campaign at Svalbard right after the course. So here I am still. Looking […]

#PFTC4 – the resolution

My primary stated goal in attending the course on Svalbard was to learn to fly a drone. Mission accomplished! Then failed (see pictures)! Then accomplished again! We collected a ton of really fun data by flying these drones and photographing the sites our excellent plant researchers had their noses in. […]

Mission accomplished! Then failed (see pictures)!

  Realizing goals We are still here – no worries, not in Pyramiden! Me and Pekka stayed here for an additional 17 days to conduct field research related to our earlier work. I am happy to say that so far, we have implemented few new things we learned during the […]

Still here