Presearcher at Bioregion Institute (2/4)

Hello and welcome to my second blog entry after 50 hours at the Bioregion Institute. I will now update you about what I have done so far and what I have learned by working there.

Since I started at Bioregion, I have tried to come twice a week in person in order to keep track of new progress. I spend full days at the Institute from 9:00 to 17:00, although the team is flexible and understanding about personal mandatory appointments. Coming regularly has helped me staying informed about advances and new ideas which are not missing!

Bioregion is a design driven lab founded by designers who focus on giving value to residual materials. They use waste from other companies to develop new biomaterials and products. On my first week there, I was given a quick introduction to the different projects and suggestions regarding my future work.

My tasks so far have varied between background check and scientific reading, to experimental development and communication of results. Improvisation in the lab is part of the Biomaterial Researcher’s day as our products are built from scratch with our own recipes. Each final product require numerous prototypes with different shape, color and properties, which are obtained after many trials and failures. The most recent project I have been working on is called “Oatsss”. For this project, Bioregion and Norgesmøllene teamed up in order to transform oat waste into new business opportunities. The goal of this partnership is to reduce the carbon emissions and costs from oat waste handling. Several trails were explored but the main one and certainly the most exciting, has been to learn how to use the biomaterial 3D printer.

The Bioregion Institute is a very social workspace. They like to gather interdisciplinary experts into big  “bio-talk” meeting every full moon. Those Moon-Talk are open to everyone, you can register in their front page and enjoy an evening with passionate, skilled specialists around good food and drinks! The events are held in English and I warmly invite you to check it out ! (Yes, free advertising)

I believe this is it for my second blog entry, the next post won’t be long to come. See you soon!

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