Presearcher at Bioregion Institute (1/4)


Hi and welcome to my first post entry as a Student Researcher at Bioregion Institute, or as they call me: a Presearcher.

My name is Gwenaëlle Noally and I am a French International Master’s Student in Environmental Toxicology at the University of Bergen. I first came to Norway in 2020, as an Exchange Student from the Erasmus+ program, where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences. Toxicology is a field of science which aim to identify the adverse effects of chemicals on human and wildlife and clarify the mechanisms underlying the harm they can cause under some circumstances. It is a fast growing topic, extremely important in today’s world as over 80% of commercialized and released chemicals haven’t been tested!

In my bachelor’s, I often neglected the impact of other fields in Scientific Research. Rich of more experiences, I see now the importance of political sciences in chemical regulations or use of renewable energies for example. Likewise, I have a better understanding of the role of management and economics in the ‘fundings war’ for new research projects. In short, nothing is only science. I understand that different specialists need to work together in order to make it work and make a change, which leads me to the reason why I chose to join the Bioregion Institute.

The Bioregion Institute is a group of experts from various sectors connecting research and market in order to build a bio-based future. Their team is mainly composed of Designers, Architects and Biomaterial Researchers. My contribution to the team will be to give them an insight into toxicology and how toxicological knowledge can be used to build a bio-based future. In parallel, I wish to develop new skills and learn from each expert what their job is, what a regular day looks like and what are their input in the creation processes of new biomaterials.

I consider myself to be very open minded and curious, I know I will absolutely love this experience at the Bioregion Institute and I am eager to make the most of it! Thank you Bioregion for welcoming me into your team. And see you soon kind reader !

Gwenaëlle Noally

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