Thank you, NINA!

This blog post marks the end of my journey as a BIO298-student. Thank you for following me along the way! In this post I will summarize what I have learned by taking the course.

Workplace practice has definitely given me a new perspective on biology and the biologist role. Being able to participate in real research, and do fieldwork, has given me a new understanding and knowledge that I could not get through reading a textbook. Now that I have done both BIO299 – research project in biology and BIO298 – workplace practice in biology, I see how valuable the practical biological experience has been for me. It has given me the opportunity to ask questions and gain an insight into a biologist’s everyday work – knowledge that I do not want to be without. This internship made me even more excited about being a biologist, and I would actually dare to say that it has led me (with my super-indecisive self) to finally make a decision as to which master I want to start this coming fall. Since I’m still not sure if I’ll get in, I will not post my choice here, but if you are curious, ask me directly 🙂

Here is a list of some things I have learned by working as a biologist:

Theoretic skills:

– That not everything can be planned, like the weather and when the flowers are in bloom – but most things can be arranged! (we managed to do the job anyway!)

– 1st field season = test-season (and what you can learn for next year)

Practical skills:

– How to work as part of a large team

– drive a van

– capture pollinators

– assemble flight interceptor traps

– prepping a field site (setting up exclusion cages and putting out traps)

– perform vegetation analysis (found out that I want to learn more about NIN and ANO vegetation mapping)


If you think APPLECORe seems interesting, you can apply for BIO298 next year or get in touch with Joseph Chipperfield – and maybe you are one of the lucky ones to join field-season next summer!

So, last but not least, I would like to thank Joe and his team for giving me such a warm welcome on the project, including me in decisions, giving me responsibility and treating me as an equal. I take these valuable experiences with me further.

Thank you!

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