Nice to be in Bergen




你好!My name is LuoShu He, an authentic Chinese girl who is learning plants biology now, trying to be more experience in my personal knowledge. So, here I am, I am in Bergen.

Before I got this internship, I had a quite huge confuse about my future.What should I do,and Who should I be. As you see, I am in my second year in university, and I thought I was not even getting started in biology. That might be an educational mistake of China, which is forcing students studying for tests but not for themselves.Besides this, we are too lazy and just enjoying our college time without under control from the teachers(It’s quite different life from high school in China). What’s more we also hate a lot of courses which is compulsory and we can’t even stand it. So the thing was I didn’t get high scores from my college entrance examination, I have to go to a college and choose a major which I wasn’t really into because of my low grade. But there has a traditinal Chinese proverb ,»既来之则安之“, means you should be satisfied where you selected to stay. I picked up learning Biology and I should at least try to know it and fight for my bio-future.

I am really grateful to be in Bergen, it’s a hard-won experience for me. This is my first time being abroad alone, I need to learn how to be independent , how to communicate in English fluently. And one big question is I know little about ecology, I am not sure if I can take the job without any difficulty. I was anxious about thoes things, but I got up all my courage and told myself I can do it .

So I am here, a girl who desire to know more world, not only about Biology or Ecology , but also about English and experience in everything! Just wait for my progresssing!





Fish Market~




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Bergen is such a beautiful city, peace and gentle.But might be raining all the time.Anyway it’s nice to be in here!

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