In many ways, this internship is close to being an ideal career in biology for me. It was never boring nor routineous, I was given free reign to explore ideas, and above all, I felt like I worked with and for the local community for causes I truly believe in […]

Thoughts and Reflections

Finally! I have completed my three weeks worth of internship at Bioretur. Because the three weeks were stretched through the past few months, it certainly feels longer and I have learnt A LOT. I will follow up very soon with my thoughts and reflections in a final blogpost, and so […]

A Taste of Career in Agronomy

Many around me seem to have enjoyed teasing me about my internship at Bioretur. “En ekte drittjobb?” they´d ask and laugh. I am a little over halfway through my internship now, so it´s about time for an update on the blog! And in case you´re also wondering, no I do […]

En ekte «drittjobb»?

  Hi! My name is Jesslyn, and I am in the second semester of my Master´s study within the ‘biodiversity, evolution and ecology’ specialization. I have always been fascinated by plants, and through my Bachelor´s study and subsequent years of work, I have also developed a strong interest for sustainable […]

Introducing myself and Bioretur