Thoughts and Reflections

In many ways, this internship is close to being an ideal career in biology for me. It was never boring nor routineous, I was given free reign to explore ideas, and above all, I felt like I worked with and for the local community for causes I truly believe in and support. I´m talking about renewable and environmentally friendly resources and practices that aim for sustainability. And so, my time at Bioretur has certainly been an interesting and rewarding experience. There were times I felt like I was given heavy responsibilities for the position I was in, but in the end, I am glad that I pulled through and I feel like I have made relevant contributions.

Needless to say, I have learnt a lot. Aside from gaining knowledge in agronomy, which I lacked prior to starting at Bioretur, there are also things that I otherwise would not have learnt from a traditional classroom setting. And these are insights into how it is like to do research in the industry, which involves considering demands from various stakeholders, communicating science to different groups of audience, and so on. This experience has also made me more certain that I enjoy doing research and that it was the right decision for me to continue with Master´s study after a few years of work.

And so, I wrap up my series of blog posts on this internship. I would like to thank Bioretur and BioCEED for this opportunity. It has been great! Tusen, tusen takk for meg!!!

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