Presearcher at Bioregion Institute (4/4)

Hi there, welcome to my last blog entry as a Presearcher at the Bioregion Institute. First of all, thank you for making it so far! For this last blog post, I would like to give you my point of view on the advantages to work in a start-up, using my own, short but fulfilling experience.

First of all, working in a start up with so many ongoing projects is a job for versatile people. It requires good organization and communication skills as well as a capacity to adapt quicky. The following is a list of tasks I was given, while working at the Bioregion Institute:

  • Organize both a sterile lab and artistic lab for biomaterial testing
  • Look for scientific literature to support our hypothesis or ideas
  • Improvise formulas for oat hull materials
  • Write down protocols
  • Communicate with partners and external collaborators
  • Etc…

As you can see, this is a large scope of work already even though I am not allowed to go into details. I quickly understood that startups, like Bioregion, have many opportunities for different types of work if you’re a fast-paced individual who gets bored easily like me! By joining Bioregion, I was given the chance to think outside the box and work with people outside my field.

In start-ups, you are also given the opportunity to make a difference. Every single research and work I have done was taken seriously and had a big impact on the projects. The amount of responsibilities increased the more time we worked together and the more they trusted me, which felt very rewarding.

At Bioregion, I particularly appreciated the work-life balance ethic and the flexibility and autonomy I was given. I already mentioned the Bio-Talks in a previous blog post but here is a picture of a “Bio-Talk buffet” taken by the other resident working with me, Moska Hamidi.

Finally, I wanted to express how grateful I am that I got to work and share so much with smart, passionate and international researchers, post-doctoral researchers, designers, architects, economists and managers. Our paths will certainly cross again. Thank you also the responsible of the BIO298 course, for giving me the opportunity to see a true work experience and putting me in contact with such smart and results oriented people.

Thank you for reading!

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