How did I choose to be Biologist? 2

This is not today I choose biology to study; rather many years back in my school while my interest grew to know more about living things on earth what biology talks about. Biology is the science that deals with life, explains why we eat, sleep and live. My interest in biology became intense after I got to know that not only animal but plant has life as well. The Bengali biologist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose first told this world about this surprising news. Before, people used to think plant as a non-living one; but later it was revealed that like an animal, plant actually can eat, move (movement of roots, branches), breath (respiration), excrete, grow, reproduce and sense. BTW, I am proud of Sir Bose’s invention and proud to be a Bangladeshi (or Bengali) like him.

In college biology classes, I came to know about even more peculiar living things on earth than animal and plant, those we can’t see by naked eyes. We need microscope to see, we call them microorganism. Bacteria, fungi, archaea and protists are predominant amongst them. Despite virus is microscopic, it is non-living and not considered as microorganism. Microorganisms are found everywhere on earth- soil, water, air, and they even live on both animal and plant. Yes, I did my bachelor in Microbiology.
Now, I came to Europe to study advanced science with a hope of being scientist. Being a biologist, I decided to learn some chemistry than biology, because, no life can exist without chemistry. In physiological system of every living organism, there is chemistry- metabolism like production of glucose, synthesis of components such as protein, interacting one cell to another etc. At UiB, I studied chemistry, in better term, its biological chemistry. This month, I have submitted my research thesis work on fish health and nutrition that was carried out in NIFES, the national institute of nutrition and seafood research in Norway.

Biology under the water

Biology under the water

While working on salmon fish at NIFES, in addition to getting knowledge on fisheries biology, I earned more interest to know about marine ecosystem. The bio298 offers a unique opportunity to get engaged in practical biology work at industry and research organization that is really charming and encouraging for student biologist. I thought not to miss the chance of gaining some practical knowledge and hands on skill in molecular ecology. My preference was Uni Research- Molecular ecology due to my ambition to continue research on lives, their ecosystem and biodiversity, especially those are living under deep sea- imagine, you’re diving down to deeper water and looking for amazing beauty of life of thousand varieties and nature.

Anyway, I have yet to visit my work place but got some ideas on my practical involvement that is ‘Marine low trophic resources’ and learning ecological methods and technologies such as microarray, metagenome sequencing which would be a really interesting.

Low trophic resources in marine habitat

Low trophic resources in marine habitat

Meeting new people in practicing biology and working with then is an invaluable opportunity. I am gonna start biology practice soon with full of joy, eagerness and hope. Feeling to be a biologist is really exciting. Looking forward to having a nice and friendly learning ecosphere at Uni research.

See you again with new topic!


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