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I´m from Oslo, Norway, and I´ve always had an affinity for alpine ecology and the fjords. The fjords are as breathtaking to me as for anyone else who’s never seen them before. I´m studying Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. My scientific interest has […]

Eira Rønneberg

A. I’m Connor, an undergraduate studying at UC Berkeley. I am fortunate to have grown up in the mountains of Colorado, where through outdoor sports like skiing and hiking I acquired my interest in the environment and its science. Motivated by my enthusiasm for nature, I enjoy learning about diverse […]

Connor Wilson

a. What is your background? Where are you from? What do you study? What are you most interested in, scientifically? Hello! I am an ecologist finishing a M.S. degree in Biology at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, USA. My thesis research focuses on the ecology and physiology of marine […]

Clay Mazur