Leonardo H pre-course Introduction

I am from São Paulo, Brazil. My studies has been focused in plant ecophysiology, I have
done works with plant responses to elevated CO 2 and crassulacean acid metabolism.
Currently, my interest is on the role of leaf venation in the ecophysiology of trees and how
human-disturbance may affect the functional composition of tree communities in Atlantic
Forest in Brazil. I am PhD candidate at Institute of Botany of São Paulo, my study is part of a
project called ECOFOR, which aims to study the Ecology of human-disturbed areas of
Amazon and Atlantic Forest.

Before my PhD course I worked with controlled experiments that used open top chambers
and growth chambers. Although I’ve been working with plant traits for 2 years, I consider
myself new to this approach. When I knew that there was a course on plant traits, I thought
that it was a great opportunity to work with more experienced people and improve my skills.
What makes me most excited about the course is interact with researchers and students of
different countries, visit a distinct biome of Atlantic Forest and learn how to work on an large
altitude gradient.

Is hard to say how people in Peru feel about climate change. I would speculate the issue is
controversial, people will be divided in those who believes that it is happening and the cause
is human and those who deny or are apathetic.

Brazil contributes to climate changes mostly because deforestation to use the land to
plantations of soy and pasture. I believe people here is not aware of climate change out of
the academy or schools. I listen to comments based on perception. Little is commented on
possible consequences or mitigation. I see that we are mostly worried with problems that we
have being always faced as lack of quality health and education, unemployment and our
political situation.

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