Lot to take home

This is the end…but not the end!

Just today had been my last day at my work-place Uni Research Environment with Molecular Ecology Research Group (MERG). I decided to start missing soon the beautiful and unpredictable Bergen. I feel so sorry and sad to say bye every time. It’s been a great time here. Even in the last day, I have been working with some funky algae which are producing different color at different times that’s because of variation in their photosynthesis and phytochromes in them. They are able to perceive light across the visible spectrum — blue, green, yellow, orange, red and far-red. … Because different colors of light penetrate to different depths in water, algae face challenges in light harvesting. I have done some gnomic DNA extraction. Anyway. today I am not gonna talk about any science. There are many things beyond science to talk about.

Me, trying to do some photo-session only. its not real work..oops!

I just take the opportunity to express sincere thanks to my University and work-place for offering such a conducive and learning environment. As the requirement, I was supposed to be learning at work-place for 140 hours, however I’m glad that got chance to spend more than 200 hours that extremely facilitated me to acquire more skills and knowledge. Apart from my learning, I have attained lot of affection, love and encouragement from my work place. It was a unique opportunity for me to meet some great scientists and good people who provided me with necessary learning materials, resources in addition to making me free to do things myself that sped up my building confidence. My work place not only offered me scientific skill, rather helped to earn lot of social and cultural learning.

During a celebration of birthday of one of our research leader

My last day, we had lunch together, chatting for long hour and having lot of fun. At the end, I got a nice gift from my team. A very useful souvenir with a mark of Uni Research. I said useful because it’s a paraply – an umbrella. My team leader also promised to write a good recommendation letter to me, which would certainly be a life-long achievement.

I am with the MERG team after the lunch at my last day

I am very happy with my good ending here. I give a big thanks to all of my teachers and course students. I would really look forward to meeting you again.

I love snow, at my favorite Fantoft studentboliger

My last thanks to Bergen that started to be so white, and so beautiful, I didn’t miss its last beauty of enjoying snowfall before leaving to home.

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